Why You Need EMI Shielding Through Vacuum Metallizing Coatings

EMI is a real problem for anyone trying to manufacture and market highly-sensitive electronic devices. Vacuum metalizing coatings provide a comfortable barrier against interference between two or more electronic devices.


What is EMI?

EMI is the level of interference between two separate electronic devices. It is most commonly experienced as interference through speakers when another electronic device is nearby. It can affect both the quality and output of either device. It is impossible to keep all electronic items away from one another in a technology boom, but some methods can remedy the problem. Reducing interference is possible in several ways, but one of the more affordable plans is through shielding.

The Need for a Shield

Sensitive electrical components for aircraft, military equipment, medical equipment, and other industries will require an effective method of EMI shielding. Without EMI shielding, the parts can fail, give false readings, or become so interfered with that the equipment is rendered useless. Many companies decide to wait and try their forms of shielding, but it is easier to look into the variety of processes from the start.

Metallizing EMI Shielding Products

Any metal or alloy can be used as an EMI shielding product. The more common types used are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and nickel. The application of the metal is possible in one single layer or several. Thickness will depend on the specific project requirements and EMI shielding strength needs.


Improvements in Metallizing Technique

Physical vapor deposition is a method of adding a thin layer of metal over a substrate material in a vacuum chamber at low temperatures. It is a preferred method since the substrate does not have to be conductive, or metallic. You can use a metallic layer of protection to plastic, glass, or any surface material.


Passing Regulatory Operation Standards

Most electronic devices have to pass regulatory standards of EMI shield protection to market to consumers. No company or individual wants to spend hard-earned money on a product that will not work due to interference. Metallizing is an affordable solution.

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