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Developing talent for international assignments

The Opportunity

The need to build effective relationships across national boundaries is key to international business success. Getting the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time is critical to this.

almost 50% of expatriates function below
their normal level of productivity

The Challenge

Whether international staff are expatriated or remain resident in their home country, the skills they need to operate effectively are more complex than those required in a domestic operation. In addition to the necessary technical and professional competence, organizations need to attract and develop people with a global mindset and the talent to operate effectively in international and cross- cultural environments.

The aggregate cost of sending an employee and their family on an international assignment can be as much as €750,000 in the first year alone. Yet amongst expatriates, almost 50% are estimated to function below their normal level of productivity and up to 20% fail to complete the full period of their assignment. Outside expatriation, inappropriate leadership or team working, poor decision-making processes, emotional exhaustion and early termination are all common
indicators of problems in the international dimensions of the assignment.

The Solution

Provision Consulting’s products and services are built around the most advanced thinking in global management and utilize the latest technologies to ensure that selection and development leads to getting the right person in the right job at the right time.


Provision Consulting International Competencies.

A set of competencies which define the additional abilities employees require to operate effectively in an international environment. These competencies provide the basis for Provision Consulting’s international assessment and development tools.

International Assessment Interview (IAI).

The IAI is a semi-structured interview process designed to assess candidates for specific international assignments. Provision Consulting assessment instruments are used and, where appropriate, candidates’ partners and older children are included. The IAI is an intensive interview process that assesses candidates against the International Competencies and other assignment specific requirements.

The International Self-Assessment Exercise (ISAE).

A self-assessment tool, valuable in building a pool of internal, pre-screened candidates for international assignments, identifying development needs and assisting selection for specific assignments. Where appropriate, partners and children are encouraged to take part in the process. The ISAE facilitates a self-directed consideration of what an international assignment will entail and identifies concerns prior to the assignment. The process is debriefed by a skilled facilitator who is able to help resolve the issues raised.

International 360° Profile.

Useful in both selection and development, this profiling instrument provides a point-in-time calibration of an individual’s performance against the International Competencies. The 360° Profile is web-based and facilitates the collection of information from a variety of selected respondents who both work with and know the individual’s performance.

International TAIS.

The International TAIS is a psychometric test designed to compare individuals’ behavioral preferences with the International Competencies. It is useful for both selection and development purposes. TAIS is an internationally validated instrument available in a number of languages. It is also available in a standard version which can help evaluate other non-international, but assignment-relevant competencies.

Training Services.

Provision Consulting can deliver, or assist client organizations to develop and deliver their own internal training. Programs include the development of international competence, cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding and international leadership and team working. In addition, Provision Consulting may be able to train and license in-house staff to use our international assessment tools.

Coaching Services.

Coaching is highly effective when used to develop individual’s international competence, cross-cultural sensitivity and international leadership and team working ability. It is also helpful during assignments to support continued personal development and in resolving unanticipated performance issues or problems. Because coaching is tailored to meet specific individual needs, it is recognized as one of the most powerful ways of developing people. Provision Consulting can provide experienced coaches to help realize these developmental opportunities.

Expatriate Support Services.

This service provides expatriates and their families with access to a neutral source of advice and support. Preparing for and moving to a new international location can be a stressful experience and things can go wrong that reflect on both the work environment and in family relationships. We provide qualified and experienced staff who can deal with a variety of work-related and personal issues before and during assignments and at repatriation.

Repatriation Support.

Repatriation management aims to re-integrate assignees back into the home organization following an international assignment. Working internationally can have a profound impact on individuals, both professionally and personally. As a result, repatriation is often highly disappointing and leads to significant turnover during the following 18 months. Provision Consulting can help develop repatriation processes which create effective re-integration. (See International Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management)

International Knowledge Transfer.

Effective knowledge transfer ensures international experience is captured to inform future global operation. International staff accumulate valuable experience regarding the global environment but typically this information is neither recognized nor valued and is lost to the organization. Provision Consulting can advise on knowledge transfer processes to ensure international experience contributes to organizational learning. (See Repatriation Management and Knowledge Management)

HR Consulting Services.

Existing HR processes are frequently well developed for the management of a domestic workforce but may not be set up to manage international employment. We can assist with the integration of the international dimension into existing areas of HR systems such as recruitment and selection, appraisal and evaluation, performance management, training and development, promotion and succession planning.

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