International Organizational Business Development Solutions

Developing international organization and managing change

The Opportunity

International businesses excel when organization structures, systems and processes are aligned to deliver strategic business plans through effective day-to-day activity.

the extent and nature of international
change means that global businesses must
continuously adapt

The Challenge

International organization design is distinct from its domestic counterpart both in terms of scale and complexity. The extent and nature of change in the international business environment means that the most successful global businesses are continuously adapting their organizations. Organizations must achieve both sufficient stability to achieve desired outcomes in the short-term and the fluidity and dynamism necessary to ensure they remain successful in the longer-term.

The drivers for change are many and varied. They may be directly business-related such as changes in global supply or demand, technology or labor markets; or they may be more general such as world social, political, financial and legal developments. Whatever the driver, changing elements of organizational structure, systems and processes is a difficult, costly and time-consuming but necessary process.

The Solution

Provision Consulting will work with your organization to create a tailored and customized change process. Whether evolutionary or revolutionary change is required, we work at multiple levels in the organization to focus attention on the change process and provide feedback on the pace and intensity of change. Our solutions are built around the most advanced thinking in global management and utilize the latest technologies.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Most mergers and acquisitions fail to reach their potential because of poor integration of diverse organizations and inappropriate deployment of senior staff post-integration. Provision Consulting can assist clients to assess how best to integrate organizations to capitalize on their strengths and help with the evaluation of senior staff and their placement in the new structure. (See Organization Culture Change and PeopleScan)

Organization Change

Provision Consulting can support organizational change initiatives to achieve efficient and integrated global operations. We work with client organizations to create a tailored and customized change process. Whether evolutionary or revolutionary change is required, we work at multiple levels in the organization to focus attention on the change process and provide feedback on the pace and intensity of change.

Organization Culture Change

Organization culture pervades all aspects of business operation and, for this reason, has a major impact on its success. Just as business processes need to change, so organization culture needs to adapt to reflect the changing nature of the business. Provision Consulting uses a variety of tools to help assess the nature of existing culture. We approach this in a way that emphasizes success and best practice rather than focusing on problems and deficits and use approaches such as whole scale change and appreciative inquiry. These allow us to work with our clients to define the appropriate and desirable culture and to plan and implement a culture change strategy.

Strategic Planning

In today’s rapidly changing, and often ambiguous business environment, strategic thinking, planning and implementation are critical to business success. Provision Consulting can assist executive groups in the processes of strategic planning and execution to ensure that business plans remain focused on reality and that changes in the business environment are both recognized and responded to appropriately.

Organization Surveys

Effective decision-making requires both accurate and informative data. This is particularly important during times of organizational change. Provision Consulting will undertake organization surveys to collect data on a wide range of organizational issues to support effective planning and decision-making for future organization success.


This technology allows ‘real time’ scanning/pulsing of organizational condition to inform decision-making during periods of significant change. This is particularly valuable in situations such as mergers and acquisitions, where rapid but informed reaction to organizational developments can be critical to successful action. The PeopleScan process allows data to be collected and reported back within 48 hours.

Executive Coaching & Integration

At an executive level, coaching can be useful for a variety of purposes. For new executives, it can support their ‘on-boarding’ and integration into a new role, team and/or organization. For established executives, it can help focus development of professional knowledge and skills, develop full potential by identifying how to build on strengths and minimize limitations, achieve improved performance by raising awareness of personal impact, resolve problems and conflicts between individuals and workgroups, and chart career direction. Provision Consulting works with executives to develop a targeted, customized, and personalized coaching process.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the process through which individual knowledge and experience is shared to generate collective organizational learning. The process has become increasingly important as ‘knowledge work’ has developed and as both the amount and complexity of information generated in organizations has risen. Provision Consulting can help client organizations develop and implement strategies of Knowledge Management to ensure crucial data is captured and shared. We can work with client organizations Information Technology (IT) departments to utilize state of the art communication, collaboration, data warehousing and business intelligence tools and technologies.

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